Individual Members

shall be Kenyan or foreign persons as provided in ESK Constitution who apply for and are as registered members of the Society in a personal capacity.

Institutional Members

shall be any corporate entity of the Society including private, public, academic and CSOs whose services are within the scope of monitoring, evaluation and learning or development.

Student Members

any members of the Society for the time being pursuing disciplines and/or professional courses within the scope of M&E

Founding Members

any members historically documented as persons that participated in the pioneering of the Society, are in professional good standing, active (including regular attendance of members or Board meetings) and have fully paid up subscription fees and any other fees payable to the Society in the year of the first AGM of this constitution.

Life Members

shall be as defined in the Society’s by-laws.

Honorary Members

Any person that the Society appoints as an honorary member for their great contribution to the evaluation profession such as politicians or distinguished professionals whom the Society thinks fit so to honour.