The Evaluation Society of Kenya (ESK) is a voluntary Association founded in line with Section 36 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.  It was established in 2008 and formally registered in 2011 (File No 58739).  It was officially launched under UNICEF’s funding support during the 2012 government-led annual National Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) conference.  Our membership is drawn from across all sectors and stakeholders (CSOs, government, academia, private sector and development partners including the UN).

The core mandate of ESK is to promote evidence-based development locally and globally through high quality, equitable and gender sensitive Monitoring, Evaluation and Research. The activities and governance of the ESK are guided by the consultatively developed ESK Constitution 2019. A set of by- laws to operationalize the constitution is one of the ongoing activities in the current strategic period.

A key objective of the Society is to promote the culture and practice of monitoring and evaluation and research through capacity building, advocacy, link between state and non-state actors and professionalization by an Act of Parliament: with a special focus on the National Monitoring & Evaluation System (NIMES) and County Monitoring & Evaluation System (CIMES). The Society also maintains a database of highly experienced evaluation professionals in Kenya as well as YEEs.

The Society’s growing national and global credibility and relevance is demonstrated by the continuous coordination with potential employers and/or development partners to validate its member’s professional affiliation and good professional standing. Additionally, in line with the need to harness synergies and provide for peer learning and continuous professional development, ESK is an affiliate of the African Evaluation Association (AFREA). Globally, it is an affiliate of the IOCE/EvalPartners Global Movement and was one of its founding partners. EvalPartners promotes the evaluation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), notably through Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluators (VOPEs) like ESK. With these linkages and other like-minded organisations within the continent and beyond, potential collaboration and resource sharing frameworks are provided.