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Message from the Chairperson

Every three years, The Evaluation Society of Kenya thorough it’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) holds Board elections. It is a time to identify new ideas, welcome new board members, populate new committees, and embrace new challenges. I felt incredibly fortunate to have accepted the Chair’s mandate for 2020 -2022 at our AGM dated 6th December 2019. 

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ESK Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Objectivity
  • Professionalism. 

Message from the Founder

ESK’s institutional evolution is a classic case of the adage, “do not despise small beginnings”. From very humble beginnings, I founded the Society with the support of the government’s Monitoring & Evaluation Department (MED) and a team of dedicated M&E practitioners. The efforts were a follow-up action on the recommendations of a meeting held by African representatives at the 2008 International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET) in Canada, which I attended.

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Mission & Vision Statement


To promote professionalization, capacity building, advocacy, utilization and sound governance of Monitoring, Evaluation and Research practice.


High quality, responsive and innovative Monitoring, Evaluation and Research evidence culture and practice nationally, regionally and globally.

What you get from ESK!

Access to ESK owned information portals:

Get exclusive access to ESK-Owned resources, databases and directories of Members with expertise in varied fields.

Member Portal Access:

Be part of a growing community of like-minded professionals to share knowledge and capacity build.

Discounted Fees on Conferences and Seminars:

Enjoy discounted rates on ESK-Led Conferences, Seminars and trainings as established and determined by the Board.

Access to ESK Expertise and Information:

Available on the E-platfrom, find access to ESK expertise and information relevant for your corporate needs.

Participate in Elections:

Be part of the change in the society by making your vote count. Vote for your preferred candidate or nominate yourself to the board.

Priority Consideration:

For M&E related opportunities such as job posts, trainings and ESK representation, you get priority consideration as a society member.

Get Involved!


Become a Member:

Join a network of individuals, groups and organizations that have come together and have an interest in all matters related to program evaluation. With an overall objective of promoting the culture and practise of M&E in the country, for equitable and sustainable development.

Join ESK


Join a Thematic Team:

Do you have a specific interest towards a particular topic or area? Then register to a group of your preference. Follow the link below to read the guidelines and Join a TT.



ESK-EvalVijana is a chapter of ESK that comprises of Young and Emerging Evaluators - YEEs. To promote professional development through engagement, innovation, support to board’s voluntary work and exchange amongst, the young and emerging evaluators. Click here to learn more about ESK-EvalVijana